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men stare at women as a power kick and a means of control. in my experience, 90% of the time it is typically unattractive or older guys that i find leering at me, catcalling at me, and generally making me feel uncomfortable. it’s all as a means of trying to control women and to try and gain some male dominance over women. these men know that the women that they show this type of attention to will never show them any kind of interest and that they will never get a chance to be with and sleep with them. consequently, they attempt to ‘own’ these women in any little way that they can, be it through a lewd comment, a pervy stare, or any other threatening sexual behaviour that is designed to belittle and control the woman’s emotions and perceived safety. the celebrity leaked photos that have been making their way across the web demonstrate this. the man/men that have ‘hacked’ these photos, shared them across the web, asked for money to share them, and made derogatory comments judging these celebrities bodies are doing so in order to assert some type of control over what they will never have. these men could only dream of being with a woman such as jennifer lawrence and seeing her naked out of her own personal consent so they decide the only way to respond to the internal envy and hatred that rises up out of this fact is to destroy what they cannot have and effectively rip these women’s privacy, decency, and bodies to sherds as if they were wild animals and not the human beings that they actually are. this is why people like elliot rodgers existed - these types of men feel that they deserve instant sexual gratification but know that these women will not give it to them and in their anger and hatred, decide that if they cannot have these women than either no one can or, as in the case of the celeb photo leaks and other means such as revenge porn, through public humiliation and shame - reducing these women to just their bodies and displaying them just as sex objects rather than actual humans with personalities, thoughts and inner traits away from their physical appearances. honestly, men scare me sometimes and this is why i am a feminist.